Why We Sleep – Time To Rethink Sleep At Workplace

I just finished reading absolutely amazing book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker and I highly recommend it for everyone. Hopefully, this book may finally change perception of sleep in organizations. I remember about 15 years ago in Moscow, while Russia was one of the faster growing emerging markets, there was this popular phrase – […]

Blogs I read

This post is mostly for my self to accumulate blogs that I usually read: Martin Kleppmann – https://martin.kleppmann.com/ (also highly recommend his talks regarding transactions and kafka) + book http://dataintensive.net/ and free ebook https://www.oreilly.com/data/free/stream-processing.csp Jessie Frazelle – https://blog.jessfraz.com/ Yehuda Katz – https://yehudakatz.com/ Luke Kanies – https://lukekanies.com/ (To be continued)