Strict Parser Mode on Reliza CLI

To improve security on GitOps workflows, we have recently added Strict parser mode on Reliza CLI. Here is how this works. Reliza CLI contains “parsetemplate” command which can resolve image tags from configuration yaml files into their versions with digests approved in Reliza Hub for specific environment. We now added “–parsemode” flag which controls 3… Continue reading Strict Parser Mode on Reliza CLI

Automated Changelogs are Now Part of Reliza Hub

Happy to announce that Reliza Hub would now automatically prepare changelogs between software releases. Here is how this works: Connect CI tool to Reliza Hub according to documentation Adopt conventional commits (it would somewhat work even without conventional commits, but this won’t be nice) Every release in Reliza Hub now has compare tab, where you… Continue reading Automated Changelogs are Now Part of Reliza Hub

Some Security Risks of Using Push-Based CD

Surprisingly I’m recently not finding a strong majority of voices saying that Push-Based Continuous Delivery should never be used due to security concerns. So I feel there is a need to clarify risks more explicitly. First of all here is what I mean by Push-Based CD. Simply, this is the approach, where SSH-key or some… Continue reading Some Security Risks of Using Push-Based CD

CKAD Certified!

Passed my CKAD exam, and now I’m both CKA and CKAD certified. Planning to complete CKS later this year.

Reliza GitOps Tutorial Now Uses Kustomize

Updated Reliza tutorial describing deployment on Kubernetes using GitOps approach with ArgoCD. It now uses Kustomize alongside Reliza CLI to overlay Kubernetes yaml definitions into their desired and approved state per each environment. Read full tutorial here:

Relationship First Management

Below are few principles that summarize my today’s prospective on management and role of relationships: 1. Relationships are more important than deadlines Many relationships were broken over business deadlines, pressures and stress, sometimes through burnouts. Generally when there is a case of burnout, it is extremely hard to then preserve the relationship. The key issue… Continue reading Relationship First Management

Helm CD with Reliza Hub: Complete Hands-On Tutorial

In this tutorial I’m going to show how to build Continuous Delivery system with Helm and Reliza Hub. We are going to build CI/CD on top of Mafia Card Shuffle project. It is a very simple application that has UI and back-end microservices and uses Redis for persistent storage. Here is a quick overview of… Continue reading Helm CD with Reliza Hub: Complete Hands-On Tutorial

My Self-Taught Tech Career

12 years ago I first came to Canada on a Work Permit doing a minimum wage QA job. I had my Journalism degree from a good Russian school, 1 year of management consulting experience and 7 years of recruitment experience in Moscow, 3 years of which I was running my own recruitment company. Why and… Continue reading My Self-Taught Tech Career

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