In Love With Ukraine

Here is a short summary of my thoughts on what’s happening and some possible actions around it, presented in bullet points. Just for the background – I’m a Jew, born in Russia, moved to Canada almost 15 years ago (left Russia for political reasons). My first education is in Journalism, which included a lot of… Continue reading In Love With Ukraine

CKAD Certified!

Passed my CKAD exam, and now I’m both CKA and CKAD certified. Planning to complete CKS later this year.

My Self-Taught Tech Career

12 years ago I first came to Canada on a Work Permit doing a minimum wage QA job. I had my Journalism degree from a good Russian school, 1 year of management consulting experience and 7 years of recruitment experience in Moscow, 3 years of which I was running my own recruitment company. Why and… Continue reading My Self-Taught Tech Career

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Videos From Some Of My Travels

My wife has opened access to some of videos from our travels for the past years. Pretty relaxing to watch during these difficult times.

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Simple Card Shuffler For Mafia Game

Due to self-isolation we switched from weekly playing mafia (werewolf) game offline to online (via zoom). But we needed a card shuffle mechanics, so I wrote this one: over weekend. Source code on GitHub:Back-end – UI – Note that this assumes classic rules, namely only 4 roles: villager, mafia, godfather, sherrif. Sample… Continue reading Simple Card Shuffler For Mafia Game

Key notes from our Galapagos trip

This post is a summary of our Galapagos trip in November 2018. First of all let me say that Galapagos is a truly unique place. Since Galapagos have very small population and were virtually uninhabited until 19th century due to their remote location, this led to a lot of unique wildlife species spared from extinction.… Continue reading Key notes from our Galapagos trip

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