My Self-Taught Tech Career

12 years ago I first came to Canada on a Work Permit doing a minimum wage QA job. I had my Journalism degree from a good Russian school, 1 year of management consulting experience and 7 years of recruitment experience in Moscow, 3 years of which I was running my own recruitment company. Why and… Continue reading My Self-Taught Tech Career

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Reliza Jenkins Plugin and Remote Trigger

Happy to announce that Reliza Jenkins Integration Plugin is now available! What can it do? It provides easy-to-use withReliza wrapper for Jenkins pipelines. It abstracts a lot of release and artifact metadata details which would be submitted to Reliza Hub, such as commit and build timing. Previous Jenkins integration was possible with our Reliza CLI… Continue reading Reliza Jenkins Plugin and Remote Trigger

DevOps and DataOps Discord Server

We recently launched Discord DevOps and DataOps Server. Please join new DevOps community here – Bonus point – I’m monitoring this server all the time and will be replying to questions myself. So it’s a best way to reach out to me quickly.