Gene Kim’s “The Unicorn Project” – my view

“The Unicorn Project” by Gene Kim finally became generally available last week, and I took couple of days while stuck in Toronto to read it. The book describes same events as the DevOps classic – Gene Kim’s “The Phoenix Project”. At least because of that “The Unicorn Project” was a must read in the top […]

PostgreSQL Fatal – semctl crash and user id

Recently spent over a week in total (maybe 2 days net time) to realize that I was hitting this postgres bug – . Documenting this just in case for the future, as it was pretty non-trivial to find that this was the issue I had. The weird part was that it started happening maybe […]

My 3-minute fire pitch of Reliza @ InvestOttawa

I was giving this pitch yesterday, it was a great atmosphere at Invest Ottawa and ton of positive emotions. Reliza is about bringing and reinforcing common sense into software releases and it’s very exciting to be part of this project! Slide in good quality is here:

2 nice tools for drawing cloud diagrams

Was looking for something like that for a while, and saw today these 2 nice tools that help create and visualize cloud architectures: 1. – more mature and nicer, but AWS only 2. – new, more issues, pros: has unlimited grid on free tier and support for all 3 – Azure, AWS, GCP, […]

Reliza Elevator Pitch

Nowadays, every organization is an IT company. Major banks may have more developers than Microsoft or Google. Strong IT business back-bone was the reality of yesterday, while digital transformation is the reality of today. Operating an IT company means continuous software development and maintenance. The more complex the software becomes the harder it is to […]

Reliza Versioning is now available on GitHub and Maven Central

Reliza Versioning is now available on GitHub here under MIT License. It also can be found as Java dependency on Maven Central here. It is a small tool and library that allows to auto-increment versions (mainly for the scripts) using either CalVer or SemVer or custom version pattern. Soon, we’re hoping to release a Jenkins […]

Resources for promoting to Maven Central

Reminder for myself: this is a very good write up how to promote – Official guide – Requirements (very important) – Notes for the DZone article – no need to keep gpg password in plaintext, it will prompt. However, for sonatype password it doesn’t prompt so for now my solution is to add and then […]