Resources for promoting to Maven Central

Reminder for myself: this is a very good write up how to promote – Official guide – Requirements (very important) – Notes for the DZone article – no need to keep gpg password in plaintext, it will prompt. However, for sonatype password it doesn’t prompt so for now my solution is to add and then […]

Some trouble with JUnit 5 and solution

Yesterday had a pretty weird issue with Junit 5 which didn’t compile. Spent half a day trying to tweak pom file, specify specific directory and making sure I have proper scope and such. Funniest thing tests were working from eclipse, but from CLI both tests and package compilation fails. Turns out Eclipse was using incorrect […]

MMORPG Holy Trinity and Startup Management

Just a thought from my gaming past and my startup and management work: how the MMO Holy Trinity has real-life management and startup application. Since I’m working on a DevOps and software startup, that’s what I’m going to reference explaining this thought. Let’s start with an assumption, that every successful business group needs every trinity […]