Relationship First Management

Below are few principles that summarize my today’s prospective on management and role of relationships: 1. Relationships are more important than deadlines Many relationships were broken over business deadlines, pressures and stress, sometimes through burnouts. Generally when there is a case of burnout, it is extremely hard to then preserve the relationship. The key issue… Continue reading Relationship First Management

On-demand builds on GitHub Actions with Reliza

10 days ago I published an article how we integrate Reliza Hub with GitHub Actions and ArgoCD for continuous delivery to Kubernetes. Today I am going to improve the approach described there with a new feature we just added to Reliza Hub. The feature is on-demand builds for GitHub Actions that would run on new… Continue reading On-demand builds on GitHub Actions with Reliza

From DevOps to GoalOps

By now you are probably tired of all the different ways how we may call Software Operations. ITIL, Agile, DevOps, DevSecOps – and then quite a few more recent ones like NoOps, AllOps, AIOps, MLOps, GitOps, DataOps… I know I missed a few. So why on earth we need “GoalOps”? Surprisingly, modern software development deviated… Continue reading From DevOps to GoalOps