Why DevOps Discord Community?

DevOps, SRE, Platform Egnineering and DataOps are among the hottest trends of modern IT field. Many people want to get in, many professionals are already there and looking for ways to self-develop, ask questions, validate ideas. DevOps Communities Yes, I am talking about communities. The evolution of DevOps communities started with a well-known DevOpsDays movement.… Continue reading Why DevOps Discord Community?

Ford v Ferrari – best business movie since Moneyball

Finally watched Ford v Ferrari yesterday – should have done it earlier but was busy and dealing with bunch of issues. It’s a terrific movie overall, very relevant to today. Even though we’d like to see some things changing since 1960s, unfortunately it’s often not the case. After discussing with my wife here are few… Continue reading Ford v Ferrari – best business movie since Moneyball