Productivity tools to research

After ~15 years dubbing again into productivity field. Listing the tools I am either using or researching or going to research near future – mostly a memo post for myself. Jira Trello Taskwarrior Inthe.AM Asana (they just raised $50M round at $1.5B valuation) Airtable Smartsheet Notion WorkOtter Wrike Swipes Todoist Hitask And methodologies: GTD Pomodoro… Continue reading Productivity tools to research

Key notes from our Galapagos trip

This post is a summary of our Galapagos trip in November 2018. First of all let me say that Galapagos is a truly unique place. Since Galapagos have very small population and were virtually uninhabited until 19th century due to their remote location, this led to a lot of unique wildlife species spared from extinction.… Continue reading Key notes from our Galapagos trip

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2 great MOOCs to get a feel of computer science

I’m getting this question frequently – what are best online courses to start one’s journey in Computer Science. Here are my top two: 1. MITx’s introduction to computer science on edX – Note that this course is offered fairly quickly, can be audited for free, or for a paid certificate and is also eligible… Continue reading 2 great MOOCs to get a feel of computer science

Books every IT manager must read, Part 1

I’m being asked frequently to recommend books and other materials for management. So this is going to be more a post for myself not to forget: Ben Horowitz.┬áThe Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers Andrew S. Grove. High Output Management Frederick Brooks.┬áThe Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software… Continue reading Books every IT manager must read, Part 1