Reliza – first steps

More than 10 years ago back in Moscow I started my first business, a recruitment company. I was 23, and I read an article that if you don’t start a business by the age of 23, you would never do. I wanted to be a businessman during my lifetime, and this article among few other things somehow activated¬†FOMO mentality in me, and I just did start my first company.

Looking back, I was young, had almost no cash, zero resources, but felt really optimistic. The venture worked out worse than I hoped but much better than it could and overall better than average. The company I co-founded then still exists to this day, and I’m proud about this fact.

Fast-forward, now I feel much more empowered, have more knowledge, more experience, better education and more resources. And I really feel it is the time to start a serious venture again (I had few small projects in between, but mostly was focusing on other aspects of my life). Interesting thing is I feel way more scared now than I was at the age of 23. Actually, remembering myself at 23, I can’t recall feeling scared at all.

Even more interesting, now I believe it is a good feeling to feel scared before the next big step of your life. It shows to me that the decision I’m making is more conscious, more mature and more meaningful.

Here comes Reliza. The very early stage idea is to mix DevOps, organizational management, product management and security and later DataOps Рand create a tool mostly useful for Engineering,  DevOps and IT teams, but that would have value throughout the software organization.

I will be unfolding this idea later in this blog as Reliza progresses. The company is only doing its first baby steps now.

Below I’d like to post few links that are nice reads and highlight some problems that we have now in the industry, from the DevOps / DevSecOps prospective:

(Note, I really enjoy how contradictory some opinions are – this shows there is an active on-going thought process regarding how to do things, and Reliza is definitely a part of this thought process from my side).

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