2 thoughts today while snowboarding

Tried snowboarding for the 2nd time in my life (was not too bad relative to the 1st time 😉 )
Had those 2 thoughts in the process:
1. Mountain skiing and snowboarding are really great sports to treat OCD: if you get too much control, you can’t get speed – you stop and you fall; if you get no control whatsoever – you go to fast, and again – fall. So the idea is to find that optimal balance with some control but not too many (can’t control everything after all).
2. One thing that coronavirus story should re-enforce – is that remote workforce is the only way to go in the modern world. How many time did it occur that somebody would come to work sick, and then everybody in the office would go out sick, and then cycle repeats throughout the year. That is especially bad in crammed places, like call-centers. Has anyone tried to estimate the loss of productivity due to sickness (not even mentioning other things such as quality of life or life expectancy)? It is absolutely ridiculous to force everybody to work from the same space when there is no real need for that.