Reliza Jenkins Plugin and Remote Trigger

Happy to announce that Reliza Jenkins Integration Plugin is now available!

What can it do? It provides easy-to-use withReliza wrapper for Jenkins pipelines. It abstracts a lot of release and artifact metadata details which would be submitted to Reliza Hub, such as commit and build timing.

Previous Jenkins integration was possible with our Reliza CLI project, but that took way more lines of Groovy. Now we were able to make Jenkinsfile much cleaner, while still maintaining all the metadata submitted to Reliza Hub.

Next, Reliza Hub now knows how to trigger remote Jenkins builds. Previously this option was available for GitLab CI and GitHub Actions. Now, Jenkins is also in the mix. All you need to do is activate remote build feature on Jenkins, generate a token and register this information on Reliza Hub.

Detailed integration instructions are provided in Reliza Hub documentation here.

This feature is useful when a particular Jenkins job must be activated on Reliza Hub triggers. For example, if you want to run a job to update helm chart values after successful release approval on Reliza Hub.

Would be happy to answer any questions in our Discord community channel –

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