Automated Changelogs are Now Part of Reliza Hub

Happy to announce that Reliza Hub would now automatically prepare changelogs between software releases.

Here is how this works:

  1. Connect CI tool to Reliza Hub according to documentation
  2. Adopt conventional commits (it would somewhat work even without conventional commits, but this won’t be nice)
  3. Every release in Reliza Hub now has compare tab, where you can get Changelogs in 2 formats:
    1st format is where every release is listed separately and aggregated format with all changes between releases:
Aggregated Changelog for Mafia Vue project on Reliza Hub
Aggregated Changelog for Mafia Vue project on Reliza Hub

Bundle releases also have automated changelogs – where all changes are listed per component.

Finally, Changelogs are added to the Release Approval View – so now you can immediately see what changes are going in on approval per environment.

As always, you can book a demo with me, where I can demonstrate how it all works in more detail.

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