6 DevOps Trends for 2022

Traditionally before the New Year, I list most significant DevOps trends for the next year. Here is my list for 2022. 1. SBOMs are Getting Traction I previously mentioned Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) in my list for 2021. The key trigger accelerating industry-wide SBOM adoption was Biden’s recent Executive Order requiring vendors to provide… Continue reading 6 DevOps Trends for 2022

Reliza Log4j Update

Since the discovery of first major CVE related to Log4j we had to fix several components in Reliza Hub exposed to this vulnerability. There was some back-and-forth with more CVEs published, after which we updated components one more time to make sure we are at 2.17.0 version of Log4j. This effort concluded on December 18,… Continue reading Reliza Log4j Update

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My CKS is in!

Finally, completed my kubernetes certification path: CKA, CKAD and now CKS! It is also interesting that my first security-related certification coincided with the discovery of the largest security vulnerability of the year.

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Monorepos: How we do it with Reliza Hub

Monorepo is a software structure which assumes multiple projects in the same repository. What is good about monorepos? Developers work with only one repository and don’t have to remember or care about multiple repositories for the product. Essentially, everything is in one place – that’s the primary goal. It is also assumed that monorepo is… Continue reading Monorepos: How we do it with Reliza Hub

On DevOps Thinking – 3 Soft Skills For DevOps Interviews

These are 3 soft skills that appear most important to me in DevOps interviews. The list is based on my 8 years working in DevOps and 10 years in recruitment and management consulting before that. It is mostly applicable for Senior DevOps positions. 1. Groking Things I was reading about groking many times when I… Continue reading On DevOps Thinking – 3 Soft Skills For DevOps Interviews

Strict Parser Mode on Reliza CLI

To improve security on GitOps workflows, we have recently added Strict parser mode on Reliza CLI. Here is how this works. Reliza CLI contains “parsetemplate” command which can resolve image tags from configuration yaml files into their versions with digests approved in Reliza Hub for specific environment. We now added “–parsemode” flag which controls 3… Continue reading Strict Parser Mode on Reliza CLI