DevOps Trends for 2021

Traditionally at the year end I like to note most significant trends that I see unfolding in the DevOps world. I did not know about the level of disruption that Covid would cause when I put “Remote Asynchronous Workforce” on the last year’s list. As we now know this actually turned out to be the… Continue reading DevOps Trends for 2021

Reliza Hub: Individual vs Bundled deployments

Pretty excited to announce a new feature we just added to Reliza Hub. As requested, it is now possible to choose deployment strategy per instance – that said to use either Individual or Bundled deployment strategy. You can switch between deployment types on the Instance screen, after expanding instance settings: Deployment types function as following:… Continue reading Reliza Hub: Individual vs Bundled deployments

Hiring Lead Developers – Seeing The Project End State

I was recently reflecting on hiring and team management decisions. Particularly, how can you tell that a developer would make a good lead? My current thinking on this is following. The most important differentiator of whether a developer is a good lead is the ability to see the project end state. While junior and intermediate… Continue reading Hiring Lead Developers – Seeing The Project End State

Running k3s on Windows with WSL2

The original instructions were for microk8s but I had glitches with its operations on Windows.So I replaced microk8s with k3s and it worked.Algorithm of installation goes as following: 1. Install WSL2 – instructions here: (note that you need specific versions of Windows 10 referenced in the document). One of key bonuses right away with… Continue reading Running k3s on Windows with WSL2

List All Docker Containers with IP Addresses

Solution for one container can be found in this stackoverflow: Solution for all containers is below:

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New Documentation Site for Reliza Hub

We have launched a new Documentation site for Reliza Hub – While this is very much work in progress, I would appreciate any feedback or comments via pm on twitter @taleodor.