Some trouble with JUnit 5 and solution

Yesterday had a pretty weird issue with Junit 5 which didn’t compile. Spent half a day trying to tweak pom file, specify specific directory and making sure I have proper scope and such. Funniest thing tests were working from eclipse, but from CLI both tests and package compilation fails. Turns out Eclipse was using incorrect […]

MMORPG Holy Trinity and Startup Management

Just a thought from my gaming past and my startup and management work: how the MMO Holy Trinity has real-life management and startup application. Since I’m working on a DevOps and software startup, that’s what I’m going to reference explaining this thought. Let’s start with an assumption, that every successful business group needs every trinity […]

Movies and Series a Manager Should Watch

Below is a list of movies and series that create in my opinion top list for any manager to watch. As always, I may update this list from time to time: Moneyball – Silicon Valley –¬† Office Space –¬† Inception –¬† The Matrix – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest –¬†

“Jobs to Be Done”

Really enjoyed this HBR piece –¬† Great insight into one of major limitations of our machine learning / pattern matching age. Quantitative analysis of data does not replace qualitative. And it is frequently non-obvious how to merge the two together — which often results in resorting to simple solutions (or “we have always done it […]

DevOps KPIs: Distance between latest and oldest production versions

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject of KPIs that should be used in DevOps. Among them, maybe the most important is the number of different versions the team has to maintain at a time. This particular indicator frequently comes to the top of my list. To me, this indicator mainly resembles Army […]

Why We Sleep – Time To Rethink Sleep At Workplace

I just finished reading absolutely amazing book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker and I highly recommend it for everyone. Hopefully, this book may finally change perception of sleep in organizations. I remember about 15 years ago in Moscow, while Russia was one of the faster growing emerging markets, there was this popular phrase – […]

Blogs I read

This post is mostly for my self to accumulate blogs that I usually read: Martin Kleppmann –¬† (also highly recommend his talks regarding transactions and kafka) + book and free ebook¬† Jessie Frazelle –¬† Yehuda Katz –¬† Luke Kanies –¬† (To be continued)