Running k3s on Windows with WSL2

The original instructions were for microk8s but I had glitches with its operations on Windows.
So I replaced microk8s with k3s and it worked.
Algorithm of installation goes as following:
1. Install WSL2 – instructions here: (note that you need specific versions of Windows 10 referenced in the document). One of key bonuses right away with WSL2 – you now may have full docker running on Windows Home!

2. One thing I recommend right away after installing WSL2 – set some sane memory and CPU limits for it, otherwise it becomes resource hog quickly. How you can read here –

3. Set up your favorite Ubuntu 18.04 from Microsoft Store. Here comes surprise – it comes with systemd disabled and not working snaps.

4. To obtain systemd I tried bunch of articles, and finally this one worked – (would appreciate feedback on this one, since I had few other things on my system by the time I tried this one – but hopefully it works right away).

5. Finally install k3s as usual as described at .

6. Note, that to reach k3s cluster from your browser or powershell on host you would need to note ip of Ubuntu vm, which can be found for example by running ifconfig.

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