Microservices – Combinatorial Explosion of Versions

As the IT world transitions to microservices and tools like Kubernetes are roaring, there is this one lingering issue that slowly comes full force. That is Combinatorial Explosion of versions of various microservices. Community expectation is that it is potentially much better than the dependency hell of the previous era. But nonetheless versioning of products […]

Reliza Hub Tutorial Using Our Playground

Reliza Hub is a DevOps Metadata Management System. It helps manage software releases in the era of kubernetes and micro-services. Tutorial covers the following: Projects and Products, and how to create releases for them How to connect CI script to generate new Project releases (we use GitHub Actions as an example) How to send data […]

Automatic Version Increments With Reliza Hub: 2 Strategies

This article describes how to set up automated version increments for use in CI build pipelines. I will go over 2 possible strategies: for simple CalVer workflow I would be using open-source Reliza Versioning tool. For fully synchronized workflow I would be using Reliza Hub SaaS. Update: Please check our tutorial for more advanced use […]

No good way to verify public image sha256 in docker hub – security concern

This is a little crazy but apparently we don’t have a good way to verify sha256 digests of public images in docker hub. Related thread is here: https://github.com/docker/hub-feedback/issues/1925 and also this stackoverflow is useful: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57316115/get-manifest-of-a-public-docker-image-hosted-on-docker-hub-using-the-docker-regi . Problems in the nutshell: Publicly displayed digests on docker hub UI do not match those seen when pulling images […]