Videos From Some Of My Travels

My wife has opened access to some of videos from our travels for the past years. Pretty relaxing to watch during these difficult times.

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From DevOps to GoalOps

By now you are probably tired of all the different ways how we may call Software Operations. ITIL, Agile, DevOps, DevSecOps – and then quite a few more recent ones like NoOps, AllOps, AIOps, MLOps, GitOps, DataOps… I know I missed a few. So why on earth we need “GoalOps”? Surprisingly, modern software development deviated… Continue reading From DevOps to GoalOps

Approvals for any CI CD in Reliza Hub – Demo Video

As we are working with Reliza Hub to make it useful to both Technical and Business teams, we have just launched a new feature: approvals for any CI/CD DevOps or DevSecOps pipeline out there. Here is a demo video that I recorded. Would very much appreciate any feedback on YouTube:

Lego World – No One DevOps Solution Fits All

I was entertaining the idea of Lego-style DevOps software for quite a while now. I wanted to write about this pretty much after success of my previous post about microservices, but then the whole situation with the virus started to unfold – which led me to a bit of paralysis. Today I’m trying to break… Continue reading Lego World – No One DevOps Solution Fits All

Simple Card Shuffler For Mafia Game

Due to self-isolation we switched from weekly playing mafia (werewolf) game offline to online (via zoom). But we needed a card shuffle mechanics, so I wrote this one: over weekend. Source code on GitHub:Back-end – UI – Note that this assumes classic rules, namely only 4 roles: villager, mafia, godfather, sherrif. Sample… Continue reading Simple Card Shuffler For Mafia Game

Microservices – Combinatorial Explosion of Versions

As the IT world transitions to microservices and tools like Kubernetes are roaring, there is this one lingering issue that slowly comes full force. That is Combinatorial Explosion of versions of various microservices. Community expectation is that it is potentially much better than the dependency hell of the previous era. But nonetheless versioning of products… Continue reading Microservices – Combinatorial Explosion of Versions

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